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Want to Stay at Home, but Need Some Help?

Hire a family member or friend to care for you — and they'll get paid!

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We offer competitive wages.

 They can choose from a selection of exceptional benefits:

100% Guaranteed Weekly payment

Speak to a doctor direct

Direct Deposit

Free Counseling Services

Caregiver Wellness program

Caregiver Support program

Enviornmental Services

Homecare Nursing Services

Why Ally Home Health Services?

Real people, Real stories

A personal care assistant, providing caring for the mentally and physically

Who we are?

1st Ally Home Health Services

1st Ally Home Health Services is a home care agency in Missouri assisting those in need with living a dignified and independent lifestyle from the comfort and safety of home.

We are a Consumer Directed Services (CDS) provider with services including: household chores, laundry, medication reminders, and light transportation. Consumers can bring their own caregiver or we will find a qualified caregiver for you.

1st Ally HHS handles all the administrative tasks e.g.: payroll, tax prep, and time tracking.

Your caregiver works hard.

‍They shouldn’t have to wait to get paid.

With the accelaration of healthcare needs and the current COVID-19 pandemic, in-home support services is the most viable alternative to nursing facility care.

Who can hire a caregiver?

You can hire a caregiver for a friend or loved one for whom you want to pay.

Consumer Directed Services:

We support a home friendly services. Our main concern is Helping you meet your daily living needs at home.

Am I eligible?

You are the Boss!!

In a nutshell, the CDS Program gives MO Health Net Medicaid consumers more control over their care plan by allowing them to hire a care giver of their choosing. Consumers are allowed to choose some one they know and trust such as a friend or family member.

  • Must have MO Health Net Medic aid or be eligibile for Medicaid.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be able to hire,train, and supervise caregiver.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Cannot be the consumer’s spouse
  • Must successfully pass the background screening.

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